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Idaho Capitol gets sticky for human rights


Idaho Capitol gets sticky for human rights

Around the state, proponents for LGBT rights have been sending sticky notes to the state capitol for “Add the Words,” proposed legislation that will extend the Idaho Human Rights Act to gay and transgendered citizens.

These proposed legislation changes would add wording to include discrimination protection for gay and transgendered Idaho citizens.

“Add the Words is about making the workplace equal for everyone, no matter who you are, what you look like, or who you’re in love with,” said NIC Gay-Straight Alliance president Danni Bain, 22, theater, Coeur d’Alene. “It’s about an equal state for everyone.”

According to current legislation in Idaho, an employer can fire their workers simply because of sexual orientation. The Add the Words Campaign aims to make this sort of termination illegal.

“It seems unfair to fire someone based on their gender identity or sexual orientation,” said Kory Richards, 18, Lakeport, Calif., general studies. “It’s rather ridiculous, actually. I mean, [your sexual orientation] doesn’t affect how you work or your job performance.”

The Add the Words Campaign encouraged individuals to send sticky notes to the Capitol to show support. Each sticky note displays messages asking representatives to “add the words” in upcoming legislation changes.

“We had a table a couple of months ago with sticky notes,” Bain said. “We actually collected 68 sticky notes total and I sent them to the representatives.”

“A majority of people made sticky notes,” Richards said. “Most said ‘add the words’ or ‘equal rights.’ Some even said ‘no hate.’”

Statewide, various vigils were held on Jan. 28 to raise better awareness for the cause. Coeur d’Alene hosted its own event that Saturday at the Human Rights Education Institute.

“It’ll be nice for protection,” Richards said. “People can’t find such a bigoted way to fire someone because there’s still a lot of hate in Idaho.”

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