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Student survival guide to Super Bowl XLVI


Student survival guide to Super Bowl XLVI

Ever since the first Super Bowl aired in 1967, the NFL has seen a huge growth in viewers and talent on the field. There have been 45 different victors over the years and many records set on and off the field.

Last year’s Super Bowl had over 110 million viewers, breaking the previous record for most watched program in television history.

On the field, Tom Brady could beat Joe Montana’s record for most playoff victories. He enters the game tied with Montana at 16 wins. Brady will also tie John Elway for most Super Bowl appearances for his position with five.

The Giants could set a record as the only team to win a Super Bowl with fewer than 10 wins in the regular season. The Giants were 9-7 going into the playoffs.

Super Bowl XLVI could potentially break the record for viewership again, grabbing the attention of one out of every three Americans. Those numbers show that more people are tuning in for the Super Bowl event, whether they are watching the game or just tuning in for the 30-to-60 second commercials that make a house full of people laugh so hard they cry.

This national sports holiday now has people thinking of new ways to enjoy the Super Bowl experience. Here are a few ideas that students and adults of any age can enjoy.

Going Out

Many people would rather share the experience with others and avoid the mess a house party creates. The two biggest sports restaurants close to down-town are Crickets and Capone’s.

For those 21 and older, Capone’s has the space and the brews to keep most people occupied during the game. With over 41 beers on tap and a liquor license, Capone’s could be a great spot to bring a group of friend to.

Cricket’s Bar and Grill can offer a group of football fans a more relaxed environment with 16 televisions spread through the restaurant so the game can be witnessed at any table. They plan to barbecue for the event and won’t be interrupting the game citing the fact that the commercials are equally as important as the game itself.

“Some people want to throw a party and some don’t want to clean up the mess afterwards,” said Rico Ciccone, Cricket’s owner. “I hope that we have a good positive atmosphere and that the game hold up.”

The House Party

Who’s up for a pot-luck? How about a barbecue or some pizzas? We all have different foods that we like. Often times, people will have a variety of food for everyone at the Super Bowl party so allow guests to bring in football favorites to share with friends.

Backyard football with the family and friends is always a great activity. How rough you get is up to the host. Be careful not to be making any trips to the hospital on Super Bowl Sunday. If there is snow on the ground, try some pregame sledding or a snowball fight to get the party going.

-Eric Rivera


The AFC faces off against the NFC. Who will win it all this year? I’m picking the New York Giants over the New England Patriots in a 28-24 victory.

The Patriots are hungry for another Super Bowl ring, but an even hungrier Eli Manning will lead the way in a 2008 Super Bowl rematch that might be one of the greatest Super Bowls in NFL history.

Eli Manning may not be the best quarterback in the NFL, but he has a solid team around him. Osi Umenyiora, Giants defensive end, has nine sacks this season.

The re-match is set, and many probably think that there’s no way the Patriots will let the Giants defeat them for a second time. But the Giants did beat the Pats back in week nine on Nov. 6, 24-20.

– Benaiah Cheevers


Garret The New York Giants edged the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII 17-14, but I expect the tables to turn this year.

The Patriots offense led by quarterback Tom Brady is too explosive for any team in the NFL to defend.

The offensive linemen for the Patriots have been known to give Brady plenty of time in the pocket to throw to one of his many talented wide receivers and tight ends.

The main reason the Patriots will hoist the Lombardi trophy is the matchup problem tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski create. Gronkowski set an NFL record this year with 17 touchdown receptions and 1,327 yards, while Hernandez compiled 910 receiving yards and seven touchdowns this season.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will keep it close, but I have the Patriots taking the win 30-27.

– Garrett Cabeza

Opinions expressed in editorial and opinion articles are the views of individual NIC students. These views do not necessarily  reflect the opinions of the Sentinel, North Idaho College, or any other organizations or groups there-in. North Idaho College is not responsible for the accuracy of statements or opinions shared.

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