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ASNIC senators attend leadership conference


ASNIC senators attend leadership conference

The dawn of a new day climbed over the horizon as the ASNIC senators suited up for their last mission: heading home.

After an eventful four day leadership conference hosted by the University of Oregon, (U of O) ASNIC senators were ready to return home and exercise the new ideas they had conceived.

The Association of College Unions International (ACUI), a professional organization made up of student service programs, put on the super hero themed event along with Lane Community College (LCC) to help students expand their leadership skills and opportunities, said Director of Student Development Alex Harris.

“The conference was informative, thought provoking, and fast paced,” said Christopher Deane, vice president of ASNIC. “The administrators from U of O, and Lane Community College were successful in filling our days with lectures, activities and performances.”

Deane said that he returned with some interesting ideas from the conference regarding sustainability, in addition to smaller changes that would make a big difference in the college’s energy use.

“I would like to look into reducing the cost of coffee if you bring your own mug,” Deane said. “I also liked the idea of making the roles in student government more defined and focused. I would like to include more students in ASNIC through the “Students at Large” program and other such efforts.”

Student Senator Benaiah Cheevers said he also had positive experiences at the conference.

“One of the things I took away from the conference was improving the networking between students from other colleges and our own campus,” said Cheevers. “I would like to see NIC achieve better networking between the senators and students.”

When the senators were asked which session of the U of O conference they enjoyed most, they unanimously agreed it was the leadership presentation given by Tyson Wooters, the former Duck mascot of U of O.

“He was amazing,” said Senator Duncan Menzies. “He was very interactive with the students and the way he conveyed his point was through showing it to us through his experiences—His point was that the mascot (the person behind the mask) is someone you never see, but who represents the school with a servant’s heart.”

Harris commented later that he was approached after the conference by some of his peers and applauded for his senators.

“I had three different people, who are professionals in the profession, tell me that we had by far had the best group of students, as far as being involved and contributing goes,” said Harris.

Harris said he was really impressed with this group of senators and hopes they take up the challenge of putting into practice what they’ve learned.

“As a whole, I think this group functions as a Justice League or as the X-men,” said Harris, commenting on how the senators work together. “They seem to really connect with each other and work together great. They really are team players.”

Christina Villagomez is the current Managing Editor and former News Editor at the Sentinel. Described by a previous employer as being a jack-of-all-trades-writer and a bit of a spark-plug, Christina enjoys writing hard news stories when she's not attending board of trustee meetings in her spare time. Christina was previously a staff writer at the Panhandle Sun, and is the three-time winner of the Most Cheerful Award at her old elementary school as well as several Idaho Press Club Awards and a Region Ten Mark of Excellence Award from The Society of Professional Journalists for her news writing.

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