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Heath services newsletter available for students


Heath services newsletter available for students

Do you often find yourself frantically searching Google for an answer to your medical problems? Well, search no longer because the ladies working to produce the monthly Student Health magazine are here to bring you all of your health questions, concerns, and needs.

Linda Michael, Dean of Students, and Corene Cohen, Senior Administrative Assistant, have been working to produce awareness about student health services with the new and first year Student Health e-magazine.

This October issue features articles on fitness and recipes, transitioning to a new career, the social do’s and don’t’s of college, help with self-esteem, tips on how to manage time, and an opportunity for students who read the magazine to win 1,000 dollars.

“We are also able to customize the magazine each month so we can update the students about NIC events: advising day, Outdoor Pursuits, Rec Sports, and flu shot clinics where they are available,” said Michael.

The magazine comes out at the beginning of each month and features different articles every month.

The magazine is an e-magazine that is produced by a company called College Health 101. This company has been around for several years and many other colleges around the states access it each month.

“The goal of doing this is to get more health information out to students and make sure that they know what resources are available to them,” Michael said.

The e-mag can be accessed on the NIC website under “Current Students” in the Health and Counseling Services link.

For more information contact Linda Michael at or 208-769-3374 or Corene Cohen at 208-676-7156 or

If you feel like you have any health concerns you can contact the on-campus health clinic at 208-769-7818. If you need counseling services you can contact 208-769-3445 or visit them in Lee Kildow Hall, Suit 126.

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