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Comedy routine in SUB brings laughter


Comedy routine in SUB brings laughter

Alexandra McHale presented a comedic stand-up performance for North Idaho College Thursday.
“I know you’re all wondering how they paid for the main character of Brave to be here,” McHale joked, referencing her bright red hair.
The event, sponsored by ASNIC, took place in the SUB.
McHale started off with a few potato and Twilight jokes.
“In Idaho you grow a lot of very pointy pine trees…it’s like going to a new land…like some Bella and Edward stuff is going to jump out at any moment.”
She then started getting more involved with the audience.
“I’m happy there is a dude in a fur hat taking pictures of me in the front row. What is this for?” McHale asked.
“It’s for our newspaper,” Ethan Schlussler, Sentinel photographer, replied.
“Yes, this big news. Me standing two feet from the ceiling in a basement,” McHale joked.
McHale then went on in her performance, joking about scary movies, haunted houses and colleges, stories from her college days and roommates who “pee in refrigerators,” relationships and grocery shopping.
McHale states on the topic of produce bags, “I did this survey about men and women who use these produce bags on bananas. Women always use the bags. But men, never bag their bananas. They say that they don’t like the way it feels.” She laughs, “And if you didn’t get that joke…just always use protection.”
She ended her performance with a story about a guy who commented on how many calories where in the cheesecake she was about to eat. “Before he could tell me how many, I reached across the table and punched him in the throat. And since he couldn’t swallow, I ate his cheesecake too.”
McHale has been seen on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, and has been a commentator on VH1’s “I Love the 80’s.” She has also headlined at over 300 colleges and was voted the 2002 and 2003 “Female Entertainer of the Year” by Campus Activities Magazine.
For more information about the event and future upcoming events you can contact ASNIC at (208) 769-5933 or visit their Facebook page.

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