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Campus Crime Log Nov. 17-Dec. 6


Campus Crime Log Nov. 17-Dec. 6

Campus crime log Dec. 22.

1. Nov. 17 – An alcohol violation involving students in the lobby of the Residence Hall was referred for disciplinary action.
2. Nov. 22 – The Coeur d’Alene Police were called for a vehicle that drove through a construction area causing damage in the overflow lot. A student was identified as the driver, and a report was filed for disciplinary action.
3. Nov. 26 – An ambulance was dispatched to the Student Union Building for a medical call.
4. Nov. 27 – A vehicle was towed from campus property due to numerous unpaid parking citations.
5. Nov. 28 – Minor vehicle collision took place between a NIC golf cart and a privately owned vehicle. No injuries were sustained.This was the second  car crash involving an NIC golf cart this semester
6. Dec. 3 – An NIC student was referred for disciplinary action for being vocally disruptive in an NIC facility.
7. Dec. 6 – An electrical transformer malfunctioned on the north side of campus. Some buildings were without power overnight. Avista completed all repairs prior to classes on Friday.

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