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Marketing team redesigns mascot, school colors


Marketing team redesigns mascot, school colors

NIC’s beloved Cecil may be molting his feathers for the second time in campus history.
The marketing department is collaborating with ASNIC and the athletic department to redesign the mascot and school color scheme.
The decision, which is still in the planning phase, depends on the availability of funding. New mascot costumes cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 depending on custom design and originality.
“The current Cecil costume is just not in great shape, the need is absolutely there, he’s getting quickly outdated and tattered,” said Communications and Marketing Director Stacey Hudson.
Ideas being tossed around the departments involved include giving Cecil a more fierce and intimidating look.
“We want to keep Cecil fresh and updated as (Cecil) is really gaining prominence at events,” said NIC’s Vice President and Communications and Marketing Director Mark Browning.
Discussions on this subject are still in its early stages and no time frame for the new costume has been made at this time.
The marketing department at NIC is also looking to refresh the school’s traditional red, black, gray and white color scheme.
“We’re alive, we’re
vibrant, we’re responsive, we live, breathe and adapt every day,” Browning said. “We want the pieces we produce to reflect that.”
Colors seen on the NIC homepage such as orange, purple and green will be changed to NIC’s modernized colors.
Browning said that research done by the marketing department showed that people wanted to see more of the school’s colors and found the current look to be “stale,” lacking recognition factor.
The long-standing NIC logo will remain the same; however, the marketing department will add more brilliance and accents within the NIC color scheme to make the colors pop more.
“I think it’d be cool if they continue changing them for seasons or occasions but I think definitely as a default keeping those reds and grays would be cool,” said ASNIC senator Joshua Brand.
Changes in marketing will be gradual as it takes time to replace current marketing material with the new designs; however, changes are now taking place.
Stacey Hudson, communications and marketing director; Heather Butler, senior graphics designer; and Nick Granier, marketing coordinator; have worked closely together with Browning to put this new look into place.
“Marketing is not static,” Browning said. “You have to continuously work every day at it.”

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