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Opinion: Guys not solely to blame for ‘friend zone’


Opinion: Guys not solely to blame for ‘friend zone’

False premises and non-existent are two words I’m going to use to define the “friend zone.”

Sorry, ladies, but it’s not always the guy’s fault that there’s an awkwardness that occurs when a guy is nice to a lady. It’s too naïve, in my opinion, to label the weak attempts of men trying to woo women with kindness. Who created the “friend zone,” anyway? I think it was a girl once upon a time who wanted a way to define how silly men can be sometimes.

I remember all the cliques in high school. There were many instances where awkwardness took place between male and female teens, especially when young hopeless-romantic boys attempt to win the heart of a girl by being overly nice. But I think that this “friend zone” we are talking about needs to stop being circulated among the American people. In my mind, it’s not even a real thing. It’s just a made up idea to attempt to define what naturally takes place, no matter who you are.

To me, the “friend zone” is only useful for comedic purposes. If you search “friend zone” on Google, you can find many Internet memes depicting the “friend zone” in a comedic light.

So if you were to take anything away from reading this article ,I hope it would be that the “friend zone” isn’t real. It’s only awkward if you make it awkward. I’d say that the “friend zone” is just young people who need to learn how to be real and straight up ask one another on a date.

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