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New Dual Credit Specialist prepares high school students


New Dual Credit Specialist prepares high school students

Marcy Hoggatt has devoted her life to serving students. She is one among many North Idaho College alumni, as well as a 2007 graduate of the University of Idaho. Hoggatt is now the new face of the Dual Credit office, in which she serves students who are making the transition between high school and community college.

“It’s certainly not easy being a high school student and trying to make the transition to college life,” said Hoggatt, “learning how to sign up for classes can be difficult, since that’s all taken care of for them in high school.”

She also added that other steps are being taken to make the transition easier; for instance offering certain college classes at Lake City High School so that students there do not have to make the trip to the NIC campus.

Before taking on her new position, Hoggatt served as a Senior Records Specialist in the Registrar’s office as an assistant to the front desk and transcripts staff, a capacity in which she served for two years. Before this, she taught math and language arts at Priest River Middle School, joking that “my students always loved math.”

North Idaho College’s dual credit program has been in progress for ten years now, and in that time Hoggatt has seen it grow exponentially.

“In the beginning, we sometimes had only one or two graduates, but this spring we are going to have twenty-four, and most of our graduates transfer to four-year institutions,” said Hoggatt.

Hoggatt also looks to help up and coming high school students and usually has good advice for getting them used to campus.

“Advocate for yourselves,” said Hoggatt,” don’t be afraid to ask questions and remember that NIC is a really friendly campus.”


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