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Brief: Recital prepares students for Jazz Concert


Brief: Recital prepares students for Jazz Concert

Many talented musicians gathered on Thursday for a recital performance in Boswell hall. The students performed instrumental as well as vocal pieces for a crowd consisting of people on their way to class as well as other music department students.

The students showed the progress they have made so far this semester by displaying classical and modern pieces. The vocalists showed their range by performing not only classical songs but also songs included in musicals.

One performer, Adrian De Vries,  played a piece called Rainbow Ripples on a xylophone while accompanied by a pianist. De Vries’s performance showed his merit as an excellent percussionist.

Most of the students were led by instructor Max Mendez who happily watched his talented performers from the side.

“We do this in order to get the students more comfortable with performing in front of a crowd,” said Mendez, “the experience benefits them.”

Most of the students that performed will also be included in tonight’s jazz concert in the Schuler Performing Arts Center.

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