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Administrators discuss funding, cooperation, student success in Boise


Administrators discuss funding, cooperation, student success in Boise

ASNIC, board of trustee members and NIC President Joe Dunlap traveled to Boise, to work with representatives from community colleges across the state on intercollegiate cooperation, to request that legislator finance programs that lead to NIC student success, and to request information items regarding alternative funding sources.

Dunlap presented to the joint finance committee a strategic budget plan for items NIC is requesting funding for dual credit programs, the Sandpoint Outreach Center, the Veterans Center, and for the consolidation of student services.

NIC requested $352,200 toward dual credit, $302,300 toward the Sandpoint Center, $96,800 for the Veterans Center, and $528,700 for student services.

Predicted programmatic structure changes that will occur if the funding is approved include a physical therapy assistant program, a pharmaceutical manufacturing program, and welding which is not a new program but that NIC will expand in the numbers of students in this field.

Procedure structure changes, involving financial aid, would also occur.

The dispersal of loans to the students would be spread over the semester and a financial literacy course completion would be required.

Dunlap said that NIC should be notified whether or not the funding was approved by May at the latest.

The meeting, which was part of a larger higher education week sponsored by legislatures, was also focused on drafting a charter to unite the College of Western Idaho, the College of Southern Idaho and NIC’s respective student governments.

Christopher Deane, ASNIC president, said that the charter will encourage future boards to cooperate with other campuses across the state to result in better community colleges and to better student government.

“It was an amazing experience and it was extremely productive to meet all legislators,” Deane said.

Deane said working with other student body presidents was also rewarding.

“They are really on top of it and really active in their discussion with the future of community colleges,” Deane said. “They had really great ideas and great plans.”

Christina Villagomez is the current Managing Editor and former News Editor at the Sentinel. Described by a previous employer as being a jack-of-all-trades-writer and a bit of a spark-plug, Christina enjoys writing hard news stories when she's not attending board of trustee meetings in her spare time. Christina was previously a staff writer at the Panhandle Sun, and is the three-time winner of the Most Cheerful Award at her old elementary school as well as several Idaho Press Club Awards and a Region Ten Mark of Excellence Award from The Society of Professional Journalists for her news writing.

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