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NIC Counselor receives Counselor of the Year Award


NIC Counselor receives Counselor of the Year Award

NIC’s Assistant Director of Career Services and Career Counseling, Gail LaFerriere was awarded Counselor of the Year by the Idaho Counseling Association and the ICA award’s committee at the Award’s luncheon on January 26.

“I know some wonderful counselors in this state, in high school, in private practice, in other institutions and all over the place and that they chose me, I thought ‘wow this is such an honor,’” said LaFerriere.

After being nominated by Dr. Kay Webb, an Assistant Professor and Counselor Educator at Northwest Nazarene University, LaFerriere was chosen by a group of her peers for her profession to be this year’s recipient for Counselor of the year.

“I believe she deserves it, I was thrilled for her and I know that she definitely is not only a wonderful counselor and advisor, but she is a leader,” said Administrative Assistant in Advising Services, Holly Frome. “She always has an optimistic attitude and she is the most wonderful person to work with ever.”

LaFerriere, who has been at NIC for the last 19 years, first began the process of creating and developing a career development program and center for the college in 1994.

“I felt very honored to be recognized within the entire counseling profession for my specialty as a career counselor as well,”

Since its conception NIC’s career development program has been deemed best in the state and the region.

“I’m going to continue to do my best to positively represent this profession for all of us,” LaFerriere said.

LaFerriere received her M.S. in Counseling in 2000, became a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor in 2001 and is currently the only Master Career Counselor in Idaho since 2003.

“Career counseling is my passion it’s what I love,” said LaFerriere.

In 2005 LaFerriere was appointed to the Idaho Counselor Supervisor Registry, was the first chair of the CDA chapter of the U of I’s Counseling and School Psychology Advisor Council and In 2007 LaFerriere became a Distance Credentialed Counselor.

LaFerriere currently serves on NIC’s Diversity Education Committee, the Chamber of Commerce Education and in addition to managing the Career Services program and providing career counseling she has created classes, taught, conducted workshops, coordinated events and has consulted with many businesses and educational institutions.

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