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Things are getting ‘thrifty’


Things are getting ‘thrifty’

Much of the NIC population is on a budget. College students are always looking to get what they can out of the little amount of money they have.

The Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store is a place where students are able to get the clothes, furniture, or household wears they need without spending over budget and their purchases help the community.

“We help a lot of young boys at Anchor House,” said Georgia Beck, store manager.

The money earned at the non-profit Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store goes to organizations like Anchor House, a residential house owned by IYR that takes in troubled teen boys and helps them to make a fresh start.

“They take in anybody that needs help and the money earned here helps cover the cost of their treatment,” said Beck.

Other earnings also go to many other organizations within IYR that help troubled families and also offer adoption services.

Created by James and Ruby Crowe, the IYR has been an organization for close to 60 years now.

People are constantly looking to volunteer at the IYR thrift store in order to give back to the community and to help keep prices low for costumers.

“We usually just keep a constant staff of four around here,” said Beck, “the rest are volunteers and they are very helpful to the organization.”

The IYR thrift store has plenty of ways for students to get the most out of their money.

Each Wednesday the store offers student discounts of 10 percent off on items that many may find in shopping malls and other higher priced clothing stores. Some of the items that come through are anything from American Eagle designer clothes to even sports jackets and slacks that are Men’s Warehouse brand. All of these items for around four dollars apiece.

The store also has plenty of deals on furniture and other household supplies that many near broke college students would consider great “steals.”

“This place is perfect if you are a college student looking to fill out an apartment with furniture,” said Beck.

Each week different deals occur based on a color system within the store. Each day’s sale depends on what color of tag an item has.

“Something completely new could be on sale every day,” said Beck, “it’s always good to check back.”

The thrift store gets its items from donations that are made every day. The community gives in order to give back to the community. Items in the store circulate regularly and there is always something new to look at.






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