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Opinion: Walking an easy remedy for parking pains


Opinion: Walking an easy remedy for parking pains

Let the parking struggles continue. Everybody knows we need more designated parking areas, but can we stop complaining about it? It’s old news.
Not often, but every once in a while I will hear a NIC student complain about not finding a parking space. Although I do not hear it much, at least not as much anymore, it still bugs me that people complain about it.

I can remember one day in class last semester when a student came into the room and complained that he or she struggled finding a parking space. I just kind of sat there and chuckled because I park on the edge of campus for free. The other perk about this area where I park is there is always a spot available.
I’m not special either. I’m not the president, vice president, or even a staff member. I’m just an average Joe looking for a journalism degree.

I always ask myself why people do not park where I do. I believe the most popular two answers would be students do not know about it or students do not want to park there because it is farther away from the main buildings.

Now, I am going to assume that the majority of the students know of this place on campus. Maybe students do not know exactly where I am talking about, but if I were to point it out, I am sure everyone has driven by it at one point or another.

So, that kind of narrows it down to people who do not want to walk the extra three minutes to their classes. Instead they would rather play musical chairs with their vehicles and whip around parking lot corners in search of an open spot.

Now, do not get me wrong. I am as lazy as the next person.

I will park on Rosenberry Drive later in the day when campus is a little less crowded and the parking scene is a little more forgiving. Sometimes I’ll get lucky, find a nice large parking space and maneuver my beautiful truck in there. Other times I won’t be so lucky and I will go back to ole reliable on the edge of campus.

In the evenings, if I want to attend a basketball game or go to a night class, I’ll park in the Molstead Library parking lot when it’s past five or six and I won’t get ticketed for parking there without a permit.

But c’mon, classmates. Not everybody has to buy a parking permit. What is it, $20 for a permit for two semesters or a year? That right there is a nice meal for two.

Better yet. Do not even drive to school. Gas prices are a roller coaster. They are now hovering around the three dollar range when not long ago they were I think 30 or 40 cents cheaper.

Ride a bike on the nice days and walk on the cold, snowy days. Not only is it exercise, we’re living in arguably the most scenic place in the United States, if not on Earth.

So, don’t fret about the small issues. We have bigger problems, like that little national debt that is looming over us.

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