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NIC to gain new international students


NIC to gain new international students

NIC will have international students on campus for the Fall 2013 semester.

NIC President Joe Dunlap and Graydon Stanley, vice president for student services, reported that an agreement with the Spokane College of English Language (SCEL) has finalized an agreement with NIC to provide for the ability of the college to bring in international students.

Stanley said he visited the SCEL, formally known as Canada College, along with Lynn Covey, executive assistant of student services, and Lloyd Duman, division chair of English, international student advisor and Humanities Instructor, to meet with their program director and some of their faculty.

Stanley said that Duman had access to some of SCEL’s international student program scores and that he was very impressed they would have proficient scores that would place them into an English course here at NIC level 101 or higher.

“Lloyd would certainly be the expert in assessing what kind of skills they come with,” Stanley said.

Stanley said that NIC hosted the SCEL’s program director and two of their faculty to meet with himself,

Lita Burns, Vice President for Instruction, and two other faculty members.

“They were equally impressed with our campus and our programs,” said Stanley.

Stanley said that NIC just recently passed and signed a memorandum of agreement with the SCEL, which was reviewed by legal council. “The very day that we let them know they (the SCEL) put it (the agreement announcement) up on their website and are advertising to students around the world,” said Stanley.

The SCEL will serve as an agent to NIC in that the SCEL will encourage their students to transition to NIC after completing their portion of education at SCEL.

“We are very pleased to be partners with them (the SCEL) and we are very anxious to see some of their students,” Stanley said. “We suspect that this fall semester we may have up to as many as 10 (international students).

It’s going to be a great productive partnership and we’re anxious to further our relationship with them.

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