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NIC to renew contract with Diamond Parking


NIC to renew contract with Diamond Parking

Diamond Parking is getting its contract renewed for the next school year, and bringing upgrades with them.
Garry Stark, assistant director of facilities operations, is currently working with Diamond Parking to finalize the contract.
Stark said that his experience as a parking commissioner for the city gave him a look at how the city operates, and specifically how they use Diamond Parking.
“We looked at Diamond and I thought, ‘well, what kind of selling point is Diamond going to be for us without messing with the students?’ because we don’t want headhunters out there,” Stark said. “We want them to just patrol the lots like our security people would try to do if they weren’t so busy.”
One of the changes Stark and Diamond intend to bring is making the parking permit process online, and implementing a new database.
Currently students have to go to the office to fill out vehicle information and purchase their parking passes.
Stark said that students are able to appeal any ticket they feel is unwarranted.
“I told our guys that are patrolling for Diamond, ‘don’t give them a ticket unless it’s bad,” Stark said.
Currently the appeal must be filed in person, but Stark wants to see the appeals done online.
Stark said that a lot of his appeals are from Rosenberry Drive. Diamond also patrols there for the city in addition to the police and community patrol.
Diamond also provides additional services with their “We Care” program. They can provide enough gasoline to get to a gas station, and help with flat tires.
Campus security has unlocked cars and jumped cars, but lacked the equipment to deal with more serious car problems.
Renewing the Diamond Parking contract means that campus security, which was recently moved into student services, no longer has to patrol the lots and can focus on other duties.
“The contract is still kind of under negotiations depending on which one of these systems we pick online. Last year we paid about $32,000,” Stark said. “I think right now this contract is in about the $80,000 range.
The contract is for one year.

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