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Not your every day proposal


Not your every day proposal

20 people gathered on Dike Road by Lake Coeur d’Alene in the cold wind to witness a creative and sweet proposal between two NIC students. Male and female soccer players and wrestlers waited in anticipation as Omar Gomez and a blindfolded Alaina Webb drove up and got out of the car. Gomez sat Webb in the back of another car as a flash mob followed her and danced to the Bruno Mars song, Marry You. When the song concluded, Webb was then walked to the beach where Gomez was waiting for her. Omar then proposed after receiving the ring from his dog that was carrying the ring on his collar. Webb said yes to Gomez’s proposal.

March eighth is Gomez and Webb’s one year anniversary. The couple met in the NIC residence hall. Gomez is part of the NIC wrestling team and Webb plays soccer. Gomez said the plan to propose was already in his mind and initially he wanted to do it when they went on a missions trip to Honduras during Spring Break. Gomez said that he was just too anxious and a week and half ago Webb’s best friend, Callie Martin, and him put together the flash mob.

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