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Work-Study program helps students


Work-Study program helps students

NIC administrators are always looking for ways to help their students in a tough economy.

The college has a program that keeps students employed so they may keep up with the expenses of life.

Work-study, a need based financial aid, is available to students when they complete their FAFSA and submitted it to the Financial Aid office from Jan 1-March 15.

Work-study is a part time job during the school year that allows students to work under an advisor, have time to work on their studies as well as helping others.

“It provides a way for me to have time dedicated to being in a single place helping people with their needs, that’s the thing about work study you’re not here just to help yourself,” said work study student Miles Cunningham.

Work-study is state and federally funded and receives $100,000 from the state, $139,000 from federal and $20,000 from NIC.

Students in work-study can work up to 20 hours a week and earn a monthly paycheck.

Work-study times are not scheduled during student’s class hours and when school is not in session.

As long as students are eligible they can work full time, 40 hours a week.

“I find it very helpful because the supervisors are understanding to the double nature, the work and the study, they are willing to give advice as well as projects,” said work-study student Theresa Dittman.

Job opportunities through work-study are available both on and off campus with an on campus hourly pay rate of $8.25 an hour.

Off campus positions being community service based have an hourly rate of $8.50 an hour.

Not everyone is eligible for work-study.

Eligibility for work-study is a first come first serve basis and depends on when students fill out the FAFSA.

“It’s a complex process to get awarded because the funds are limited,” said Financial Aid Advisor Alex deGolia.

Students in work-study have the potential to earn a maximum $2,000 for the school year.

“It’s beneficial thing in terms of reducing loans because it puts students in less debt and gives them a chance to get some more money but not have to pay it back,” said deGolia.

After students have completed their FAFSA and submitted them, they are sent an E-mail through their Cardinal mail with a work-study application.

Students then have a month to print out the work-study application and turn it in to financial aid where they will be put on a waitlist.

Currently work-study is maxed out with a total of 188 students.

“Benefits include working on campus and earn wages during the school year,” said deGolia. “Work in areas that pertain to your major and get experience interviewing for jobs and working regular jobs.”

After students are taken off the waitlist, financial aid will send out an email through Cardinal mail notifying applicants that they have been awarded work-study and then precede to filling out a work-study authorization with Human Resources (HR).

Work-study authorization is student completing paperwork with HR, finding a job and working out their job responsibility.

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