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New artwork in SUB


New artwork in SUB

The newest piece of NIC’s public art now hangs in the Student Union Building, its earthen three panels displaying a number of faces that give a fresh character to the building’s walls. “Endless Transitions” by artist Judy Minter was commissioned by ASNIC and the Student Union Advisory Board in an effort to show NIC’s identity visually as well as enhancing the environment of the building.
The artwork was installed on March 27 in front of an audience of students and appreciators.
The permanent installation piece features the sculpted faces of actual students and incorporates NIC’s values of student success, educational excellence, community engagement, stewardship, and diversity.
“This piece says everything I wanted it to,” Minter said. “The idea behind it was to show the diversity of students no matter what direction they’re going in; whether they’re going to school for the first time or returning back to college after many years.”
Minter, a former student of the community college system herself, has worked as an artist for around 30 years; playing the many roles as teacher, photographer, muralist, painter and interior designer.

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