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Winton Hall is not to be forgotten


Winton Hall is not to be forgotten

NIC campus that many students do not know very much about, a fact members of ASNIC are attempting to change. Winton is a small building that houses a number of physical education classes including yoga, kempo karate, and aerobics. In the building there is a weight room and workout space that is open to all students
“Gyms can be very pricey to go to,” said ASNIC senator Israel Musonda, who said he wants more students to be aware of the facilities. “Winton Hall gives students a free place to come whenever they have the time.”
This expression of further awareness for the exercise facilities is part of a larger effort put on by members of ASNIC for a recreational center on the NIC campus. In late March ASNIC presented the proposal to the NIC Board of Trustees on the behalf of student constituents for the need of a “modern comprehensive recreational facility that would serve to enrich quality of student and campus life.”
The recreational center proposed would include among other features, a full-sized gymnasium, and indoor track, weight-training facilities, and an indoor climbing center.
Discussions of such a facility and overwhelming support by students have gone on for the past decade and ASNIC hopes to have the Board of Trustees implement in the recreation center into the 2014 fiscal budget. Having this recreational facility on-campus would cost students a proposed $100 fee each semester.

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