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ASNIC President Chris Deane says goodbye to NIC


ASNIC President Chris Deane says goodbye to NIC

After a year of service in ASNIC as a senator, vice president, and president, Christopher Deane is graduating and moving on.

Deane’s major project during his presidency was the continuation of the recreation center proposal. Deane has seen some success in this proposal at the most recent board of trustees meeting where the board acknowledged the need for the facility, and desired to move forward.

During his time as vice president Deane also started the process of revising the Inter-Club Council’s clubs’ manual, which was out of date.

Along his year of service in ASNIC, Deane consistently pushed for a greater student involvement in campus events and activities.

Deane originally started in ASNIC alongside his friend Joshua Brands as a senator. The duo successfully ran for senator positions for the 2012-2013 semesters.

“I would not be here without Josh. He was the one who suggested to me ‘hey let’s run for student government,” Deane said.

Early in the Fall 2012 semester, ASNIC Vice President Joseph Pena resigned. This resignation occurred the same day that Deane was voted the pro temp.

“I was senator, then pro temp in the morning, and then vice president in the afternoon,” Deane said.

At the end of that same Fall semester in 2012, ASNIC President Julie Salinas resigned. Deane was then moved into the president position for the Spring 2013 semester.

Despite the multiple transitions, which Deane expressed as being hard work, he feels he experienced immense growth as a result.

“I always try to go first, and lead by example,” Deane said. “I try to keep my people happy, and I try to keep administration happy.”

Deane’s friend and colleague, ASNIC Vice President Joshua Brands, had positive experiences with Deane.

“He’s been really great to work with, and just a really great guy to serve with,” Brands said.

Newly elected ASNIC President Benaiah Cheevers had positive experiences with Deane as well during Cheevers’ time as a senator under Deane.

“Chris as a leader has really been able to facilitate and make sure that we’re all getting what we need to be getting done, and that we’re working as a team,” Cheevers said.

The NIC trustees expressed high opinions of Deane during their board of trustees meetings, and were “proud” to see him conferencing with student union presidents from other community colleges at Boise last year.

Deane is graduating with a general studies A.S. degree. Post graduation Deane will attend college in Moscow at the University of Idaho. He wants to participate in their Integrated Business Curriculum program.

“I like administration now. I’m starting to enjoy that and I want to build on that,” Deane said. “I came here originally for mechanical engineering, but got more into the business classes and more into the economics classes and enjoyed that more.”

Deane expressed interest in remaining in academia like his colleague and ASNIC advisor Heather Erickson, but said that he would rather get his business degree first before he considers an advisor position.

“I’m going to miss the people the most,” Deane said. “I started thinking about it, like, ‘oh my gosh, this is it.’ It feels like such a long time. I really love this school. It’s amazing.”

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