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Meet your new ASNIC President: Benaiah Cheevers


Meet your new ASNIC President: Benaiah Cheevers

Consistent with his term as a senator, new ASNIC President Benaiah Cheevers is very interested in getting students more involved on campus.

“What motivated me initially to get involved in student government, was how much NIC has impacted me throughout my life,” Cheevers said. “As a student I saw all the services that NIC provides and I wanted to get involved in student leadership and help out.

Cheevers has projects of his own in mind for his term as president, and is intending to propose the writing of a grant for a greenhouse as part of Roots, a community garden program to take place on campus.

Cheevers said he would also like to see a “bring your own mug” program at the new coffee shop in the Student Union Building.

The program would involve passing out free reusable coffee mugs for students to use. Participating students would also receive a discount.

“I started thinking, ‘what’s really motivating me to run for president?” Cheevers said. “I think overall what motivated me was not only my desire to help out and serve like I had initially wanted, but I now have a deeper understanding of how the college works overall.”

Cheevers said the recreation center proposal will see continuation through his term.

Out-going ASNIC president Christopher Deane and Cheevers have begun meeting with architects in preparation for an upcoming board of trustees meeting.

Cheevers was elected by student vote over Azra Avdagic at a slim margin of nearly one percent.

Cheevers intends to maintain his presidency until Spring 2014, his intended graduation date.

Christina Villagomez is the current Managing Editor and former News Editor at the Sentinel. Described by a previous employer as being a jack-of-all-trades-writer and a bit of a spark-plug, Christina enjoys writing hard news stories when she's not attending board of trustee meetings in her spare time. Christina was previously a staff writer at the Panhandle Sun, and is the three-time winner of the Most Cheerful Award at her old elementary school as well as several Idaho Press Club Awards and a Region Ten Mark of Excellence Award from The Society of Professional Journalists for her news writing.

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