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Bands to watch: Twenty One Pilots


Bands to watch: Twenty One Pilots

Watch out NIC, alternative pop band Twenty One Pilots just released their third album titled “Vessel” and it’s caused quite the uproar.
Formed back in 2009, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of Columbus Ohio turned a dream into reality. The duo released two albums independently before recently being discovered by recording group Fueled by Ramen, where they hit it big.
If alternative pop doesn’t sound like the most interesting to you, don’t be turned away. Twenty One Pilots consists of a unique blend of styles; a refreshment to the music world. One song could have you bobbing your head to the fun beat when suddenly you find yourself mesmerized by the lyrical genius behind a rap solo.
“Guns for Hands” is one of Twenty One Pilots’ most popular songs, it’ll have you feeling free and fun. Now skip to the next song in line and you’re listening to a rap with the most meaningful lyrics you’ve heard in awhile.
In this day and age it’s hard to find a good band that stands behind a message and not just a group of people who are throwing out some meaningless lyrics to a repetitive tune for money. Twenty One Pilots is creative in more than the ways they go about changing up different styles in songs.
All of their songs contain a message, whether it be about life, relationships, or just how they’re feeling that day. They make it an art to keep the listener deep in thought at all times.
In the amount of time that Vessel has been out (January 2013), the group has planned a tour, made headline news for MTV and Billboard, have had two hits, “Guns for Hands” and “Holding Onto You,” and were also nominated as a band to watch at the 2013 MTV VMAs.
With all this rising fame and praise for Vessel, let’s not forget about the band’s past two albums: Regional at Best, and a self-titled album. The two were the stepping-stones for the band, expressing the very raw talent and potential they held for the music industry.
It doesn’t matter where you start, as every song shows growth and the exciting risks taken to make a different sound.
As Twenty One Pilots gets bigger and bigger, more people are talking about their unique style and diverse talent. If you haven’t heard about them yet, don’t be shy. Just prepare to be glued to a pair of headphones for quite awhile.

The managing editor of the NIC Sentinel. Tyson is on his third year at the newspaper and is skilled in different journalism subjects. He is also skilled at underwater basket weaving and juggling chainsaws.

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