NIC has updated Cardinal ID cards this semester to combine the functions of multiple cards from past years. It is mandatory that all members of the NIC community make the switch to the new card system before the end of the month.

The new ID card allows students to access funds, pay for meals and purchase items in Mica Peak Exchange. The card also functions as a security pass to the residence hall and other buildings.

Students will be able to use all of these functions with “Cardinal Cash,” the term for the money stored on an ID card.

Students can access funds by visiting the MyNIC portal and clicking the link labeled “Cardinal Card Get Funds” under the bookmarks tab to register.

“Get Funds,” Cardinal Cash and FLEX meal plans are accessible online. Students and their parents can also add money to the ID cards at any time through the use of a credit card on the website.

The Cardinal Card office has also moved from their previous location upstairs in the Molstead Library to the lobby of the Student Union Building.

The new cards will begin to have other functions at the beginning of second semester.

The Cardinal Card office plans on incorporating card scanners into campus vending and printing machines by second semester,” said One Card/Housing Agreement Coordinator Marsha Nead.

Another plan in the works is the ability to use the  Cardinal Cash off campus in nearby places such as restaurants and athletic facilities.

Cards will also start being used to monitor attendance for various events on campus from NIC events to OARS.

The attendance of this year’s OARS students has been taken with the scanners and will be used again for the fall check ins.

If you have questions, visit the Cardinal Card office in their new location in the Student Union Building.