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Opinion: Seek professional help, not musical


Opinion: Seek professional help, not musical

Anymore, it seems like “Music saved my life,” is an overused, inaccurate phrase

Music can be such a positive influence on your life in many ways. It can teach you anything from acceptance to how to be a better person. But saying, “such and such saved my life,” is a bit of an exaggeration.

Music doesn’t have the ability to save your life, you do. If music is what you want to focus on for the time being, that’s a different story. You were the one to choose to look forward to tomorrow. You saved your life, not a band member or album.

The people playing through your headphones are strangers; if you’re going to say anyone saved your life, look at the people right by your side.
It has also become common for a fan to share every piece of his/her story with his/her favorite musicians.

I understand wanting to share your experience with the people that created the music you listened to at a low point. If you have the opportunity to meet your idols, tell them how thankful you are for what they’ve created.

But going as far as showing a band member what you used to harm yourself or writing an detailed letter explaining what happened when you almost took your life is not the way to go about dealing with your issues.

Musicians aren’t trained to lead you away from self-harm. It isn’t okay to put that type of responsibility on someone not properly qualified to handle it or help you in the ways that you need.

I’m not saying sharing your story of how you got past a dark place is a bad thing, but there’s a point when it becomes uncomfortably inappropriate.

For a band to hear that they’ve helped someone through a rough time is probably something they like to hear. But seeing or hearing exactly how they helped you through exactly what you went through can’t be very settling.

Many fans even go as far as showing the members the razors they may have used at one point during a difficult time in their life.

Images of razors and stories of attempted suicide that someone sees on the daily could really affect someone in a haunting way.

Seeking help from someone that isn’t trained puts quite a heavy load on him or her.

Please, if you’re having any kind of troubles that lead you to self-harm, seek professional help.

If you can talk to strangers who write the music you listen to, you can talk to strangers who know what will make those problems truly disappear.

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