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Bat thief strikes


Bat thief strikes

The NIC Softball Team reported a huge loss this season, but not on the field.

On Oct. 8 the padlock for the equipment shed was found on the ground, and the shed alleviated of some of its contents.

Seven bats, owned by the team, were stolen from the shed.

“We had seven bats, that’s all we usually have for our time is seven bats for the whole team to share,” Head Softball Coach Don Don Williams said.

The softball bats were valued at around $300, and had to be replaced with old bats and those lent to the team by its players.

More than just bats were lost, however. Three extension cords were also stolen.

“We didn’t think anything else was gone until a couple days later. We went to go set up our pitching machine and our three extension cords were gone,” Williams said.

Overall the bats cost the team over $2,000, and the extension cords upwards of $200.

Williams said that a wheel for lining the field was also taken.

“We fundraise for our equipment, and we fundraise for additional travel, and so we just don’t have fluff in our budget to absorb the additional cost to replace those bats,” Wililams said.

Replacing the bats will come down to fundraising and community support. Williams said that some support campaigns are already in the works.
The Cd’A Police Department was notified and has yet to report any progress on the case to the team.

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