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Haunted places in the Inland Empire


Haunted places in the Inland Empire

Looking for a real thrill in the last weeks of October? Not a haunted house, and not a theme park filled with scary actors. October is the month of horror, and with one week left, who wouldn’t want to go out with a bang? Idaho is filled with haunted places, backed by stories of sightings, and even pictures of paranormal activity caught on camera. So, here’s a list of some places you might want to visit if the fake side of Halloween isn’t for you.
In our own home town, Coeur d’ Alene:
The Bates Motel on Sherman Avenue has had many reports of paranormal activity, most commonly in rooms two and three. People who have stayed in these rooms have reported ashtrays flying off tables, lights flickering, and items left around the room appearing in different spots than where they were left. According to, before being turned into a hotel in the 50’s, the building was an officers quarters for the Farragut Naval Base. All reported activity has been stated as harmless.
The auditorium in Coeur d’ Alene High school is haunted by an apparition who is seen when the lights go out right before a play, and again after the clean up of a production. People have said that the day after the figure is seen, the storage doors in the auditorium are open and things are strewn about the area.
If you want to go for a small drive, Spokane is a very close option.
Mini Haha Park has been rumored to be haunted. There is a building near the park thought to be an old orphanage. People say that a few kids were murdered in the house, and if you go to the park at night you can hear their faint laughter and giggling.
Spokane Falls Cemetery has a staircase dubbed the name “1,000 steps.” It is said that there is a staircase in the cemetery, and satanic rituals have been held at the top. Though the staircase doesn’t have 1000 steps, people say it is impossible to reach the top late at night due to overwhelming fear and seeing and hearing terrifying things.
The Monaghan Hall at Gonzaga University is the music building for Gonzaga. The structure used to be the private residence for James Monaghan, who was murdered in the building. Many reports have been made of hearing the hall’s organ being played when no one is around, and other instruments playing on their own. The music that people have heard say it is the song that was played at Monaghan’s funeral.
The Fairchild Air Force Base weapons area is believed to be haunted by a ghost called the “Goat Man.” There have been many sightings reported by the security guards on duty late at night.
If you plan on visiting any of these places, make sure you have proper permission first. Many of us believe, and some of us don’t, but no matter what, it’s fun to be informed.

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