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Opinion: Why Jason would win in a fight


Opinion: Why Jason would win in a fight

If you lived to kill, of course it’d be nice to access your victims in their dreams. You can escape and forget about a dream but you can’t run from real life.
Jason will find you, hunt you down, and kill you with his strength. Even when most victims think they’ve won, they’ve only just finished round 1.

In theory, Jason can almost never die. He only becomes stronger after coming back. Freddy, however, can be forgotten therefore leaving him trapped in the depths of Hell.

Jason’s uncanny power to regenerate himself after any injury only makes him grow to become more and more powerful.

If you’re not scared of Freddy or you don’t remember or know of his existence, he has no control over you and can’t kill you. You can try to not be scared of Jason, but let’s face it, he’s strong, unstoppable, and powerful all the while existing in the real world. Jason will also take out absolutely anyone in his path so absolutely no one is safe.

Although water is said to be his weakness, h2o hasn’t stopped him from murdering someone before. He has even used it to his advantage a few times.

You don’t believe that Jason is unstoppable? That’s cute considering the fact that he even managed to escape the F.B.I. I guess you do have a chance if you can manage to burn him to pieces by sending him through the atmosphere. But good luck with that, though. Yes, Jason died here and there but he was almost always brought back to life by some strange coincidence of a resurrection.

Anyone would have to admit that using someone’s weapon or piece of their own body against them is, hands down, completely the way to go if possible. That’s exactly what Jason did in the “Freddy vs. Jason” film. He used Freddy’s own claw to take him down.

Freddy’s powers also showed to become almost nonexistent if he’s dragged out into the real world and he can die almost as fast as a mortal.
Although most of Jason’s kills have happened at the infamous Crystal Lake Camp, he hasn’t been limited to his home stomping grounds. He killed from around the country all the way into outer space.

Freddy, on the other hand, is stuck killing in Springwood unless he gets help from his daughter to bring outside victims to him.
He can even be blown to pieces and still capture victims by luring them to eat his still beating heart. And once he’s done inhabiting a victim’s body, he enters another while the previous melts to death. Talk about brutal.

Without the presence of Jason, Freddy might have been stuck in hell forever with no way back into dreams.

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