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Latino Club kicks off Day of the Dead


Latino Club kicks off Day of the Dead

Amidst the numerous celebrations that went on Thursday’s Halloween evening, there was one of a completely different nature in SUB on NIC Campus. Latino Club was alive and well throwing a celebration for “Día de Muertos,” otherwise known as the Day of the Dead.

At the event, meals that included tamales, rice, and beans were being sold and a table was fully adorned with a traditional-style alter that honored the dead.

“What we want to do is introduce North Idaho to Hispanic culture and traditions as well as the different things we do in the Hispanic community,” said Alex Rodal-Cubillas, the vice-president of the Latino Club.

The Day of the Dead has its origins in Mexico, dating back as far as 3,000 years where rituals were performed in Aztec culture honoring the deaths of ancestors. As the Spaniards colonized the Americas, they brought with them Catholocism which eventually merged with the Natives’ traditions.

“It’s almost a religious holiday in Mexico,” said Rodal-Cubillas. “We honor our ancestors and celebrate their lives rather than their deaths.”

The holiday, in its modern incarnation, is celebrated widely throughout many parts of the world, beginning on October 31 and ending on November 2.

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