Photography instructor to retire

Photography instructor to retire

Photography instructor Phil Corlis has had a long ride here at NIC and at the end of this current spring semester he will be retiring, leaving behind a legacy that may go unmatched for a long time.

The energetic instructor’s career at NIC seems like it has gone by fast since he first arrived in 1983, but it’s much more than just a snap shot.

“The time has come for me to put down my grading pen and pick up my camera,” Corlis said.

Corlis originally started his teaching career at LCSC as a photography instructor and instructional designer. He continued teaching instructional design at other schools such as Pullman High school and WSU.

Corlis made his move to NIC shortly after his time at WSU and didn’t regret it.

“I’ve been really fortunate because I’ve watched this college grow up,” Corlis said. “NIC is a place where anyone with a good idea about something we should be doing on campus could have it be possible for them to pursue that idea and people would listen.”

Corlis served as a board member for around five years and preferred teaching better. He said teaching allows him to discuss his passion with students.

“I’ve been the luckiest man on earth as far as I’m concerned,” said Corlis. “I got to have a career teaching what I love, and not a lot of people can say that.”

Corlis said he first fell in love with photography at a young age. His father had bought him a film camera when around 12 years old. His dad was a pharmacist and would sometimes bring home developed film for Phil.

He ended up seeing his neighbor’s film development room and Corlis was sold from there, describing that seeing a picture develop for the first time he considered it “magic.”

He still continues to keep the magic alive by passing on his knowledge to students who are eager to learn how to properly compose photos.

“The students are awesome and are hard working,”Corlis said, “They are serious in learning skills they need for a career.”

He is excited to spend a majority of his retired life focusing on doing what he loves, travelling and taking pictures.

Corlis and his wife have recently been travelling to the UK once a year and finds it to be quite the opportunity to get interesting photos.

Corlis will be letting opportunity come to him as he continues with camera in hand and creativity in his mind.

He will also be featured in the Faculty Art Gallery that opens on February 25.

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