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Queens of the Drag Age: GSA drag show campus hit


Queens of the Drag Age: GSA drag show campus hit

This is the show your conservative mother warned you about, with electric colorful attitudes showing their “good” sides for the night.

“I’m just here because I love men who dress up as women,” Mikayla Smally said. “Hopefully I can get some makeup tips.”

The drag queens had more than just eye shadow and lip-gloss to grace the attendees with.

Lake Coeur d’Alene room locked, popped and rocked all night long March 18 at North Idaho College.

College is a time of learning, discovering and finding new and exciting career pathways.Not only do students find their calling to personal careers, but also to their personal lives.

The show even got support from those with religious backgrounds.

“I’m here to support the LGBT community,” Christian Isaaclaboy said. “I heard about the Christians picketing the last time, so I came to represent them this time in a good way. I think this is what us Christians should be doing.”

Big beautiful dresses, big beautiful hair, big beautiful make-up and a big and beautiful crowd adorned the evening.

The best queens around town put on the performances. Playfully Singing, masterfully lip-syncing and dancing, even doing cartwheels down the center aisle-which was quite impressive in the dimly lit but colorful conference room.

Naomi Delish was serving up the MC work, casually keeping the crowd upbeat and smiling even though it was hard not to. The crowd was ecstatic with love, compassion and unity, even giving up a couple dollars here and there for the queens and their performances.

The female cross dressers were going all out with Justin Beiber-esque clothes and facial hair. The scene was undoubtedly a dream come true for gay students who maybe, publicly got to be themselves for the very first time or just there for the party.

“Let’s Quentin Tarantino this back around,” Delish said.

After a quick intermission and a few cheesy one-liners, the show was moving again with performances from the lovely Savannah So-Real, Cindy Rarity Gemstone and the lady killer, Chase R. Harder, who did a lively performance of a Ne-yo song while stirring the crowd into a rhythmic clapping frenzy.

Other notable performances included the beautiful Madeline Majesty, who arguably pulled off a Sharon Stone style seduction piece that made the crowd awe in drag queen mysticism.

The drag host Naomi Delish even pulled out those signature cartwheels in her performance.

The night even brought newcomers to the art of drag as the audience was invited up onto the stage and believe it or not; the first LGBT boy/girl band straight from the North Idaho made its appearance complete with hip gyrations, shimmies and Michael Jackson spins.

They dipped into a Liberace bathtub and dried off with a bedazzled retro hooded hair dryer, but this wasn’t just a time for celebration. It was a time for mourning and true action from the community.

“This is our civil rights,” yelled out a supporter.

As this was and still is a discrimination issue. The gay community still deals with murder, hate groups and opposition from established religions on a daily basis. All while living in a state where discrimination bills are being passed and homosexual opponents are frequent.

Community supporter Jamie Sebby and many others made their voices clear, that even from a once absent community in northern Idaho, gay people are not alone; they have love, support and people that will fight for them.

It is safe to say they have a battle to fight. With support at a highpoint, one could see them accomplishing this goal.  Moving ahead from an old age societal viewpoint, to being completely free in who they are in a new, what shall they call it.

Christina Villagomez is the current Managing Editor and former News Editor at the Sentinel. Described by a previous employer as being a jack-of-all-trades-writer and a bit of a spark-plug, Christina enjoys writing hard news stories when she's not attending board of trustee meetings in her spare time. Christina was previously a staff writer at the Panhandle Sun, and is the three-time winner of the Most Cheerful Award at her old elementary school as well as several Idaho Press Club Awards and a Region Ten Mark of Excellence Award from The Society of Professional Journalists for her news writing.

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