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Summer Summary

Coeur d’ Alene has seen more than a few interesting activities this summer. Here is a quick wrap-up of a few summer highlights that you may have been to or heard of.

To start off, the Coeur d Alene Public Library held its second annual Coeur d’ Con, a local Comic Con that displays the work from cosplay artists, fandom artists, and vendors ranging from a fantasy sword craftsman to media merchandise.

Those at the library who worked at the event said there was a far bigger turnout this year. Some of the students and professors who went to the event said that they felt it went well. But with the event’s growing attendance, a larger venue might be necessary so that more people and vendors would be able to attend and enjoy the festivities.

The second piece of big summer news is that Hastings has filed for bankruptcy and will be closing its doors. Liquidation of merchandise is in full swing, and while the deals are great, the selections have been picked over. If you are interested in getting anything, either nerdy memorabilia or your favorite forms of media, they will be closing their doors on October 31, if not earlier, depending on how much stock they have left.

One of the biggest sensations of the summer was the release of “Pokémon GO!” a mobile app game that combines virtual reality with physical geography. It allows players to catch Pokemon creatures they can view on their phone and compete with other players to prove who is the best gamer.

There are multiple perspectives that could be taken on this game, most times focusing on the negative. The situations that have been involved include finding murder victim’s bodies on Poké hunts and car crashes from individuals parking their car in the middle of the freeway to catch a Pikachu.

On the other hand, it helps with some of the gamers who spend much their days locked up in a room to get up and move around, initiating interactions with other players and gamers as they walk about. Some are for it, others against. Do you have an opinion on the matter? If so, please email and leave your comments.

I am a photographer, artist, and writer for the Sentinel

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