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UFC 205 Predictions


UFC 205 Predictions

UFC has become wildly popular around the globe.  Years ago it was considered human cock fighting and was done mostly underground as a blood sport.

It’s been banned in New York for years, but March of this year, things took a surprising turn. The New York State Assembly voted in favor of legalizing MMA, and this will be one of the largest and most historical events for the UFC.

The UFC 205 fight card is stacked with great fights including the main event with Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor.  It is the first fight to be held in New York City at Madison Square Garden, which will make it a historical fight night.

Conor McGregor, who is well known for his crazy antics and outspokenness, will be headlining the event. This will be his third fight out of his weight class, which can be risky.

Eddie Alvarez fights at 155 lbs. and is a far better wrestler than McGregor, but McGregor has proven to be a great striker and with a slight reach advantage over Alvarez, McGregor could have the upper hand on this fight.

Although many would never take a fight outside their weight class, McGregor is always willing to fight whoever and whenever, and that’s what many people like about him. He is a dynamic, outspoken, and controversial fighter.  People love to watch him banter about his skills. But the fact of the matter is, he backs up his talk.

Although he did lose in his first fight against Nate Diaz at a different weight class, it was a great fight.  McGregor came back and won the rematch with Diaz that brought in record numbers for pay-per-view.  Whether you love or hate McGregor he is fun to watch and is breaking records.  Later, Alvarez made it known at a press conference that he would beat McGregor. And so the hype began to build for this historic fight.

Besides the main event there are some other great fights set for this night including the female division with Miesha ”Cupcake” Tate vs. Raquel “Rocky” Pennington and Johanna Jedrejczyk vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz.

Miesha Tate, who fights at 135 lbs. recently lost her Bantamweight Championship belt she had won from Amanda Nunes. And now Raquel Pennington has been given the opportunity to fight her.

Pennington has been on a three fight winning streak and could prove her worth in this fight over one of the best female fighters in the world.  Still, Tate has many more fights than Pennington, and is not afraid to take a punch.

In a recent interview, Tate admitted that her last fight against Amanda Nunes was the worst fight of her career.  Tate has an impressive 18-6 fight record and I believe she will regain her confidence in this next fight.

Johanna Jedrejczyk is a 115lb Polish fighter who has proven her worth in her division and will be defending her belt on the main card of the event.  Kowalkiewicz is another Polish fighter who is currently 10-0.  This is the biggest fight of her career and if she wins, it will be an extreme upset to that division since Jedrejczyk has held her winning streak in that division and is currently 12-0.  I do believe Jedrejczyk still has the upper hand and will defend her belt, but I also believe this could be her toughest fight to date.

UFC 205 will be historical and will most likely break another pay-per view record with the high talent of fighters on the card, as well as it finally being legalized in New York.  Madison Square Garden, which opened on February 11, 1968 has hosted many sports, music and different entertainment; but now it will have MMA.

Indeed this will bring in record numbers for the UFC as it promises to be the most epic event in company history.

I'm a NIC student studying photojournalism. I am the sports photographer for the college. I shoot almost everything but love shooting MMA and boxing events.

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