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Mayweather 50-0, McGregor 0-1 In Boxing


Mayweather 50-0, McGregor 0-1 In Boxing

By Anna-Lee Boerner

Floyd Mayweather extended his undefeated record Saturday night when he boxed the face of UFC, Conor Mcgregor, in his Boxing debut.

Mcgregor was a prominent force in the first few rounds, but struggled to adjust to the rules of boxing. The action was put to a stop in the 10th round when the referee called the fight after a series of strikes from Mayweather. The final ruling was a Technical Knock Out by Mayweather in the 10th round.

Prior to the main event, UFC fans with the popular UFC Fight Pass were denied the ability to watch the main card due to overwhelming traffic on the server. Most fans were able to regain access to the fight within an hour of the outage.

Some of NIC’s returning wrestlers had bold predictions for who would win the big fight.

The pictures used are found on the NIC wrestling roster.

   Levi Perry, Sophomore, NIC Wrestler

Choice: Neutral

“I think people are overlooking McGregor for sure! He is very capable of winning this fight,” however, “Mayweather is a very smart fighter and definitely can out smart McGregor.”

Cody Warner, Sophomore, NIC Wrestler

Choice: McGregor

“McGregor is younger, he has the reach, he’s taller, and faster.”

Brent Evans, Sophomore, NIC Wrestler

Choice: Mayweather

“Mayweather is undefeated. He’s 49 and 0, and is a boxer. McGregor isn’t.”

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