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Boswell Takes on USA Wrestling


Boswell Takes on USA Wrestling

A successful career is often found to be rooted in passion and a strong work-ethic. Randy Boswell, the athletic trainer of North Idaho College, displays daily what it means to thrive on dedication.

The World Team

“I pride myself on my work ethic,” Boswell said. “These guys practice twice a day, and whether one is there or not, I still have to be there for the rest of the guys.”

While traveling with the NIC wrestling team for the 2017 National Tournament in Iowa, Boswell was notified that he would be accompanying some of the United States’ best wrestlers as they competed in Paris, France.

This past August, Boswell watched matside as the United States Senior World team claimed their first team title in 22 years. He served as their athletic trainer.

The team title came down to a final match between Russia and the United States of America.

“Everyone there was either for the United States or Russia,” Boswell said. “No one was neutral.”

History was made as Kyle Snyder of Ohio State secured the team victory against Abdulrashid Sadulaev in the final thirty seconds of their finals match.

Snyder’s wrestling wasn’t the only mark he left on Boswell.

“Everything with Kyle is always thank you,” Boswell Said. “He is always so grateful.”

Gaining the Team’s Trust

Boswell stresses the importance of gaining the trust from the athletes on the team.

Jordan Burroughs suffered a fractured ankle in 2013, just 27 days prior to the World Championship in Budapest, Hungary.

“I had to tape it so no one could see the tape,” Boswell said. “He couldn’t ice it in public. I had people looking at me going, ‘you knew!?'”

Ultimately, the early reveal of the injury could have been detrimental to Burroughs’ success. His opponents could have targeted his injured ankle. This could have made his injury worse, forcing him to forfeit the competition.

According to Boswell, gaining team trust doesn’t end with the athletes. “Every time a new coach is hired,” Boswell said, “I have to redeem myself.”

Boswell’s medical guidance didn’t stop at the coaches and athletes.

“Other country’s trainers, even doctors, were coming to me asking questions,” Boswell said. “They don’t have the medical information that we do here in the United States.”

Home is at NIC

Boswell has been a member of the NIC staff for the past 25 years.

“This is my first love,” Boswell said, “Just look around. The lake, campus, it’s all beautiful.”

Coach Pat Whitcomb introduced Boswell at the 2017 Coaches Showcase hosted by the NIC Athletics Boosters Tuesday Night.

“All of our sports are pretty fortunate to have Randy,” Whitcomb said. “He’s not just a wrestling guy, he’s a sports guy.”

Boswell intends to work with USA Wrestling as long as the opportunity is available to him, and while the NIC administration will allow him to.

“Blessed is sometimes over used,” Boswell said. “But I really am blessed.”


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