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Grand Opening of the New Vet Center


Grand Opening of the New Vet Center

The grand opening of NIC’s new Veteran Resource Center took place Wednesday.

“We have about 10 percent of the college that are deemed veterans or their dependents,” said Carl George, the Veteran Services Advisor.

The new center gives student-veterans the space to use the computer, do homework, hang out, as well as access support services like academic planning and advising, progress monitoring, and VA benefit support.

“ASNIC really cares about our veterans,” said Caleb Weeks, NIC student body president.

The event gave veterans the time to get acquainted with the new space, and with each other.

All veterans and service animals are welcome to use the new Veteran’s Center, located on the lower level of the Edminster Student Union building.


I am a transfer student from Colorado, and this is my first year here at NIC! I look forward to covering each of our sports teams and continuing my education here in CDA. Go Cards!

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