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Remembering Harold Balazs


Remembering Harold Balazs

Created in concrete, under the supervision of Balazs, by The Citizens Council for the Arts, NIC students and employees, and community volunteers. Installed in front of the The Fort Sherman stage near the NIC Children’s Center.

Harold Balazs, a celebrated and highly-regarded Northwest artist, died on December 30, 2017 at 89 years old. He left an impressive legacy of work throughout the Northwest as testament to his tireless dedication to art. His work adorns public spaces, private collections, and has inspired untold numbers of other artists. His footprints have graced the halls of North Idaho College, having participated in workshops and led seminars. He held a major exhibition of his work at NIC’s Union Gallery in January of 1994. Art Spirit Gallery, which has represented Harold for 20 years, held a show comprised of 150 pieces of his work this January, which sold out.

Harold Balazs  moved to Spokane as a young man in the 1940s, and enrolled at Washington State University. There he earned a fine-arts degree and graduated in 1951. He met his wife Rosemary at WSU, and together they raised a family. Harold continued to reside in this area, enriching others with his talent and supporting his family solely through his artwork.

To date, there are over 4,500 public Balazs pieces featured around the Northwest. He is a noted liturgical artist, with sculpture, painting, stained glass, and reliefs inside over 200 churches and synagogues in the Pacific Northwest. He is well-known for his large outdoor public sculptures, which can be found from Seattle to Spokane’s’ Riverfront Park, as well as on numerous public plazas, schools, parks, libraries, government offices, and college campuses including North Idaho College. NIC is lucky to host several of Balazs’ works.

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Lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Student at North Idaho College. Practicing artist and photographer.

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