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ASNIC passes gun violence resolution


ASNIC passes gun violence resolution

ASNIC has released a new resolution condemning all forms of gun violence on the NIC campus. The resolution, signed March 20th, includes support of “continued advancements in procedure and policy” to ensure the safety of NIC students. ASNIC further pledges to work alongside Campus Security to strengthen and implement safety measures wherever needed.

“We’ve had too many [shootings] in America and this is why we decided it was important,” ASNIC President Caleb Weeks said. “There’s a lot of other factors in play, such as Idaho wants to have an enhanced concealed weapons permit allowed on campuses.” Weeks added that ASNIC’s top priority is making the school a safe environment.

Only individuals with enhanced concealed carry permits will be permitted to have weapons on campus, according to Weeks. If a firearm becomes visible authorities can become involved: weapons are not permitted to be in the open.

The resolution underlines that training and programs to inform students and faculty of safety procedures have been implemented in the event that a violent situation should arise.

Weeks said that while there are some students that are in opposition of the resolution, he hopes it aligns with the student body’s best interests.

“I feel like at the high schools we need to worry about it more,” sophomore Keaton Marschman said. “Once you get into college, everyone’s kind of stopped worrying about those kinds of intergroup problems.” He added that he feels that NIC doesn’t have to worry about gun violence on campus, but he does agree that educating students on safety procedures is important.

Student and faculty member Ashley Osmar comes from a family where guns are a very important way of life. Osmar said that while she feels that rights shouldn’t be taken away, she understands the need for safety.

“If that’s the way things need to be right now, I’m up for change,” Osmar said.



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