Film Club screening of “Fight Club” success

Tyson Juarez, Features Editor
April 8, 2014

The new and up-coming North Idaho College Film Club held their first event and it was considered to be a great success.

The group screened the movie “Fight Club” which had attracted a crowd of around 33 people to the event.

“We picked something that the audience knew about and also something some of them may not know as well,” said Jess Howell, 20, nursing, “Either way it’s a film that invigorates the thought process.”

The club provided an array of pizza, popcorn, and soft drinks to enjoy before and during the show.

After the movie, the Film Club encouraged viewers to stick around to discuss the film as they had been handed a question sheet before the film. The sheet contained questions that the audience should consider while viewing the movie.

“The film has a lot to do with philosophy,” Howell said.

Many of the students who went enjoyed themselves and found it to be a good escape from their school lives.

“Events like this gets us out of the dorms,” said Josh Galloway.

The club screened a dark but comedic short film before the film entitled “Free Pie” which told the story of a man who finds out something terrible happened to his son.

The club plans to produce its own short films in the future and plans to do some more events with the Philosophy Club as well.

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