Kindling interest in survival

Christina Villagomez, Webmaster
November 7, 2013

In most instances, lighting fires on campus would be frowned upon, but Matthew Peck is planning on doing just that.

Peck, 17, a dual-enrolled NIC student is hosting a fire building survival class in McLain hall on Nov. 19.

Hosting the class is part of Peck’s outdoor leadership program, so he said he was able to get permission to use space in the Outdoor Pursuits center.

“They’re pretty chill in there,” Peck said. “Its really cool.”

Peck said he plans to teach people how to spark flames with two traditional methods, the bow drill and the hand drill.

Both processes start fires with the use of friction.

“Depending what wood and what the conditions are, I’ve done it in under five minutes for a decent fire,” Peck said.







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