Campus Crime Log: Feb. 3

Christina Villagomez, Webmaster
April 8, 2014

(1) Jan. 13 – A student reported a hit and run incident on W. Garden Avenue after a parked vehicle was struck and damaged.

(2) Jan. 14 – A microwave malfunction occured in Hedlund. Read the article (left) for more details.

(3) Jan. 14 – Campus security responds to reports of a disruptive student in the Hedlund Building.

(4) Jan. 15 – Campus security reponded to deal with a disruptive student in Seiter Hall.

(5) Jan. 20 – Police and NIC security responded to the Residence Hall after a disorderly student was reported.

(6) Jan. 23 – Campus security responded to an issue with a student in Seiter Hall.

(7) Jan. 24 – The fire department responded to a report of smoke in the Residence Hall. Smoke, fire, and cause remain at large.

(8) Jan. 30 – A minor vehicle incident was reported in the E. Hedlund parking lot.

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