Opinion: Leave your negative opinions at the door

Melaina Bell, Staff Writer
September 16, 2013

Put away your petitions and your lucky meme-making slippers, because today I’m going to offer you the most effective solution to making opinions you hate disappear.

Remember that really bad relationship you had in high school? You know the one, you probably call him “Crazy Carl” or “Tried-to-Kill Me Ken,” when you refer to him at all.

Bad opinions are like bad relationships. They’re much better left unspoken of, preferably dumped in the bottom of that ditch you buried your sister’s rabbit in when you ran it over (an accident, really!) I believe that, I believe your time is valuable, and by discussing things that aren’t, you are giving them value.

The Westboro Baptist Church is a sparkling example of this. Much like a prostitute, they stand, riddled with diseases, on street corners and spread the word of our ultimate descent into Hell. Also like a prostitute, you should ignore them.

Their opinion is nothing more than a speck of dirt on an otherwise clean windowsill.

Organizing counter protests, posting on Facebook, putting them on the news, all these things give weight to a minority opinion that is otherwise entirely pointless. Even giving them the time of day would be a waste of my otherwise productive Netflix consumption time.

If you truly hate an opinion and you want it to go away, chances are you’re doing it wrong.

Learn to exhibit so much hate that your mind numbs and you no longer bother. Sometimes inaction is a more powerful tool that action, remember that.

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