UofI and LCSC emblems stolen

Thomas Hansen

The LCSC side of the sign off of Northwest Boulevard, with the metal rods left behind.

Thomas Hansen, News Editor
November 8, 2013

LCSC and UofI had their visual representation stolen from the NIC signs off of Northwest Boulevard the weekend of Oct. 19.

Patrick Murray, the supervisor of campus security, said that the emblems were pried off the signs over the weekend, and that the theft was noticed the following morning.

LCSC’s emblem was removed in its entirety. The perpetrator left behind a fragment of the UofI emblem.

The 'V' for Vandals remains behind.

The ‘V’ for Vandals remains behind.

This incident bears a resemblance to the theft of five military memorial plaques in Post Falls, which were also stolen this year.

This also marks the second time this year that NIC has been targeted for theft, the first being the theft of softball equipment from the NIC team’s storage locker.

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